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Entry Level Full Stack Developer

PAN is on the hunt for an aspiring graduate developer to join their team in their incredible advertising agency!

This role will involve supporting PANmedia's 100+ web sites, developing new sites and providing dev ops support where needed. The chosen applicant will also work with our own in-house CMS, contributing to the code base and taking an active role in supporting the backend code and operations. 

The role will involve lots of learning, so be prepared to study. PANmedia will make every effort to provide any educational resources to support your professional development. Our team work closely to share their knowledge with each other. 

Understanding of Linux systems, basic server management, PHP, PHP Frameworks (e.g. Laravel, Symfony etc), JavaScript, MySQL, Git. Experience with scripting languages and AWS is a real bonus.
Worked on projects (personal, voluntary, paid or otherwise) with technologies mentioned above to create a complete, running applications. Demonstration of the project / any source code / project documentations will be useful. 
Installed and managed a Linux server for personal, hobby or client use. 
Some working knowledge of web stacks including LAMP, LEMP and NMP

- Support day to day monitoring management of servers, such as disk space monitoring, install updates etc
- Improve our server provisioning capabilities through automation by using technologies like Ansible, Chef within AWS.
- Assist in development, testing (functional / unit) of our products 
- Learn our proprietary technology (Pannther) and use it develop client websites  
- Be open to learning new technologies and use them as we see fit to increase our operational efficiency and capabilities
- Support other team members in tackling technical problems. 
- Provide novel solutions to problems and work with the team code creatively
Technical environment

Linux Virtual Servers located in Amazon AWS, Linode, etc.
Studio users use Apple Macs, however, support for the Macs is done by an external party
Free choice of IDEs and software tools - Netbeans, Sublime, Atom - anything is ok.
KANBAN style of project management 

Open Source:
We use almost  100% open source technologies. Plenty of documentation and examples are available online. While our own code base is closed source, we encourage our devs to contribute back to the community in terms of submission of patches or contribution to discussions in Stack Overflow etc.

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